Node JS HTTP server example

Hi friends, in this tutorial, you will learn how to create a Node JS HTTP server. Before getting started with the HTTP server creation, you must know that HTTP is a built-in module in node js, and a module in node js acts like a javascript function or library. By using this HTTP module, we can transfer the data over the web browser.

To include a module in node js, we can do so with the help of require() as shown below

var http = require('http');


  • http inside require is the name of the module and

Create a node js HTTP server object

When you create a node js HTTP server object then the node js file acts like a web server and listens to the server port such as 8080 for localhost etc and gives the response to the browser or client.

Below is an example:- (test.js)

var http = require('http'); http.createServer(function (req, res) { res.writeHead(200, {'Content-Type': 'text/html'}); res.end('Hi this is my first program in node js'); }).listen(8080);

Explanation of the above code:-

On the above code, you have noticed that the function inside the createServer() is added with port listen(8080) that means if you type http://locahost:8080 in your browser then the browser will return the function executed written inside the createServer(). Save the above javascript code with the .js extension.

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Run the node js file using the terminal

  • open the command terminal of your computer and go to the path or location where the javascript file is stored.

Conclusion:- I hope this tutorial will help you to understand the concept. If there is any doubt then please leave a comment below.

Originally published at on November 17, 2022.



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