Earn Money Online with Everve.net

Everve.net is a powerful platform made for social media activities where anyone can build his online presence with the help of this platform and earn money online with Everve.net extension. In this platform, there are two types of the working process. Either you can work as an advertiser to grow the business needs and create your own campaigns for the following benefits

  • 1. Get the real traffic to your website or blog.
  • 2. Get likes on your favorite social media pages or profiles on twitter, Instagram, telegram, youtube, etc.
  • 3. Get followers on your favorite social media platforms.

Go through the various review websites like Trustpilot etc to know the Everve.net Review 2020 and check whether the website is genuine or not.

On the other hand, you can earn some extra cash by completing tasks and doing social media activities on this platform. There are different types of tasks divided by categories.

  • 1. Visiting the websites for traffic exchange.
  • 2. Instagram followers, likes, and comments.
  • 3. Twitter followers.
  • 4. Youtube views, youtube likes, and youtube dislikes.

Here in Everve, you have the option to sign up with Google. After login to the dashboard, you can get the overview on clicking the earn money section. When you click the task categories you can get the idea about the tasks provided as shown in the below image.

How to work in Everve.net

To work in Everve.net, you have to complete the signup process. When you click on to perform tasks under the earn money section, you will get the basic idea about how to perform the tasks one by one. Also, there are two types of tasks included. One is auto-performing and another is manual performing.

Auto performing tasks are completed automatically by just installing a chrome extension provided by Everve that works according to artificial intelligence and earnings are added to your dashboard.

After installing the Everve extension, a popup screen will appear in the background to perform the tasks automatically. Do not close the pop-up screen otherwise, it will stop working in the background.

Manual performing tasks are the one that is accomplished by the user manual with the instructions given in the task. You have to wait a few seconds to get paid for the task.

The more actions or tasks you complete the more rewards you achieve in the contest section. So, try to complete more tasks to participate in the contest rewards.

How to earn from Everve.net as an affiliate

To earn from Everve.net as an affiliate

  • 1. you have to acquire referrals by promoting your referral link through social media networks or by email.
  • 2. You can invite referrals by using the Everve banner that is provided by Everve under the banner and promotional stuff in the affiliate section.

When someone will join using your referral link and spend money while creating campaigns then you will get a 15% commission from that money.

On the other hand, when the same user will earn money by performing various tasks, you will get a 25% commission from his earnings.

The referral earning structure is given below — -

Earnings On Adv. Spend

1st Level (L1): 10%

2nd Level (L2): 4%

3rd Level (L3): 1%

Earnings On Tasks

1st Level (L1): 15%

2nd Level (L2): 7%

3rd Level (L3): 3%

Also, you can multiply your earnings by upgrading your account membership as shown in the image below

Create campaigns in Everve to grow your business

Anyone can grow the online presence for the personal blogs and social media engagements by creating campaigns in Everve by selecting the desired category as shown in the image below — -

If anyone is interested to join Everve then Visit here to join and start earning immediately.

Also, watch the video guide if you want

Conclusion:- I hope this article will help you to understand the step by step process of working in Everve.net

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